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REA newsletter February 2019

Read the February newsletter here.

  • Renewing your licence
  • The 10 most read newsletter articles in 2018
  • New Registrar powers for dealing with complaints
  • CPD
  • Campaign for first home buyers
  • Real estate agencies can now use RealMe
  • AML guidance
  • CE non-completions in 2018
  • New industry contact

REA newsletter December 2018

Read the December newsletter here.

  • The year in review
  • New videos for buyers and sellers
  • Insulation requirements for landlords
  • Supervision
  • Continuing education
  • Office hours
  • Change of address
  • Trust account audit findings
  • AML registration

REA newsletter November 2018

Read the November newsletter here.

  • Research on vendor disclosure
  • 'Ask Kevin'
  • Reporting trust account irregularities
  • Continuing education
  • Survey about training delivery
  • REA annual report
  • at open homes
  • Overseas buyers
  • Form 2 and provisional value
  • Tribunals Bill
  • AML workshops
  • Dual branding

REA newsletter September 2018

Read the September newsletter here.

  • The Real Estate Agents Act is 10 years old
  • Using the correct licence description
  • Selling property impacted by NZTA projects
  • How to use the government's RealMe service
  • A High Court decision
  • Improvements to
  • A reminder about continuing education
  • Continuing professional development in 2019
  • Information about unit titles

REA newsletter August 2018

Read the August newsletter here.

  • More on meth disclosure
  • Sharing
  • An invitation to help improve
  • REA guides
  • Results of our non-verifiable education audit
  • An AML update
  • What happens when a buyer finds an issue with a property you're selling?
  • Buyers and sellers reveal why they recommend agents
  • The Overseas Investment Amendment Bill is passed
  • Take a 2-minute quiz!

REA newsletter June 2018

Read the June newsletter here.

  • Sharing client details at the end of a listing
  • Managing requests for a sale price
  • Sharing website information with clients
  • More about
  • A Tribunal decision about commercial property management
  • An update on the Overseas Investment Amendment Bill
  • The Tribunals Bill
  • Methamphetamine guidance
  • New Zealand Real Estate Trust.

REA newsletter April 2018

Read the April newsletter here.

  • Changes to REA's continuing education programme
  • What agencies need to do now ahead of the AML/CFT Act
  • Spotlight on
  • How non-licensed staff can save you time
  • Criminalisation of cartels
  • A recent Supreme Court decision
  • Trust account audits
  • Latest statistics and decisions

REA newsletter March 2018

Read the March newsletter here.

  • Sharing the new guides with buyers and sellers
  • Introducing
  • Agency agreements
  • AML regulations
  • Tribunal Powers and Procedures Legislation
  • Latest statistics and decisions

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